Translation and Localization

Whether you want to translate a small note or a website of 300 pages, it is not an issue for us. The processes within the company are organized in such a way that the work is performed systematically, methodically and in accordance with internal instructions and algorithms. The order will be ready exactly by the agreed date.

We translate and localize the following types of content:

1. Text content (websites, articles, instructions, user manuals, marketing materials, documents)

2. Audio content (podcasts, audio books, training courses, audio guides)

3. Video content (promotional videos, youtube channels, TV shows, series, video reviews)

4. Images (text on photos, drawings, pdf-documents, presentations, infographics)

Problem. Certainly, you have come across materials, while reading, listening to or viewing which you have been thinking, “how difficult it is to read…”. Such feeling arises when the content has been translated without localization. For example, if the translator has translated word for word without bothering about localization. Or when the content is not translated by a native speaker.

Solution. Each member of Workogram team differentiates between translation and localization. Only native speakers who understand the style and the specifics of local language are involved in the task. In addition, we work in accordance with internal and international standards, therefore, the order on its way to the client goes through the Quality Assurance stage, when the material is checked for errors or typos by specialists and with the help of special translation software.

Industries that we specialize in: