Interpreting is very popular in the modern business world and is an integral part of international events: business negotiations, conferences, exhibitions. Interpreting is often ordered with our translation agency. And therefore, it is one of the most difficult types of translation, requiring not only excellent knowledge of the spoken language and subject matter, but also the ability to quickly, fully and easily convey the meaning of what is being said.

Interpreting is a concept that incorporates all types of translation and involves oral presentation. This includes such independent forms of translation as consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Simultaneous interpreting is the type of oral translation that means interpretation simultaneously along with the speaker. Usually this type of interpretation is carried out with technical means in a specially equipped booth, the speaker’s speech is transmitted to the interpreter through a headset, the latter delivers the translation into a microphone, from where it is broadcast to the listeners.

During consecutive interpreting, the speaker or the participant of the meeting pauses at the end of every sentence/paragraph thus giving the interpreter the opportunity to translate his/her speech into a foreign language or translate it from a foreign language.

Workogram offers consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services from different languages at affordable prices. We do a preliminary analysis of the translation. And be sure, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost. Our specialists participated in the events dedicated to the issues of healthcare, computer technologies, construction, economy and business, and many others. Our company is located in Kyiv, but we work online all over the world. We offer translation not only from Russian, English, Ukrainian, but also into 28 world languages.

You can order consecutive interpreting for an hour or for the whole day, and simultaneous interpreting starting from 4 hours. Experienced translators will provide both simultaneous and consecutive translations.

We provide interpretation at the following events:

  • Interpretation of business meetings
  • Visits to doctors
  • One to one meetings
  • Court interpreting
  • Group interpreting
  • Press conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Video and phone interpreting
  • Interpreting to tourists, etc.