About us


You can order professional translation of any content into 28 languages from Ukrainian and Russian and vice versa by means of Workogram platform. We work with audio, video, text, image, code and administrator panels.

Since 2012, we have translated more than 237 hours of videos and 3+M words.

Our main business areas include translation of websites, applications, software, videos, legal documents, technical instructions, presentations, promotional materials.

We are willing to translate complex technical, medical or legal documents, since the processes within the company are organized not in word but by technical means, instructions and regulations, according to which the employees work, and this enables quality control at every stage starting with the first customer contact.

Within the team, we pay special attention to the issue of communication between managers and our clients. The customers will always get a discreet, tactful, and gentle response no matter in what mood they called or wrote. Even if you are in a bad mood, it will get better 🙂 User service is really of high importance to us and we are especially diligent in rules being observed by our managers. Check it out for yourself!

Key members of our team: