Translation of video clips

Translation of video into foreign languages is a must for owners of Youtube-channels, business owners and people who deal with earning through video content.

With Workogram platform, you can order online the following translations:

  • Youtube-video
  • Promo video
  • Video tutorials, guides, manuals
  • Video presentations
  • Vlogs
  • Streams
  • Educational video courses

If you want to perfectly make your video ready for foreign viewers, it’s not enough just to translate it word for word. Localization is a key to popularity and traffic. This means that the translator should not only translate the text, but also adapt it in accordance with the country of the target language. In the process of localization, we adapt jokes and terminology, translate captions and images that appear on the screen.

Depending on the purpose of the video translation, you can order both full package and each of the services in the package. For instance, for a video to be posted on Facebook, subtitles will be enough (most users watch videos in social networks without sound), but if you plan to post a video on Youtube and make money on it, we recommend, in addition to subtitles, to voice over the material.

Translation of songs in Youtube is also of current interest today.

Video can be translated word-for-word or in a standard way. We translate into most of the world’s languages. English, German, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian and many others. If necessary, we make transcription.

  • In case of word-for-word translation, absolutely all words and sounds will be displayed and translated in the video, including those that can be omitted, and this will not affect the context. For example, inserts, “um.., mmm…”, etc.
  • When translating a video in a standard way, words that do not affect the conversation context will be omitted. This method is used in 90% of cases.


  1. On the price page, find out more about what exactly is included in the service, as well as the cost of video translation.
  2. Or just click the “get a quote”, button located in the upper right corner of the site and get all the necessary information on your order directly to your mail.

NOTE: There are situations when the client has already transcribed and translated the text for the video, this reduces the cost of work. In this case, we will check with a special tool whether it is really possible to fit a given number of words in your video and, if necessary, correct it to the required timing, of course, the final version of the text will be agreed with you by our project manager. After that, your script will be voiced, processed and synchronized with the video.

Complete security of your data.

We protect your privacy with 2048-bit SSL and NDA encryption.

We do not use machine translation.

Only experienced professionals will work on translation, sound recording, and editing. Therefore, we produce top-quality translations and, most importantly, in the language the reader understands.

We work since 2012.

During this time, our experts have translated more than 1 000 000 words and more than 237 hours of video.

Our top priority is to ensure clear communication of your message in any market and in any culture. When ordering a translation of a video or subtitle with us, you will never receive a word-for-word or literal translation. The video will be perceived as if it were originally created in the target language.

Depending on the target language, translation may require more characters / words than the source contains. Our subtitle translation process takes this effect into account in order to keep the audio and subtitles synchronized to the video.