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What is essential for high-quality transcription?

Transcription is not a complicated process, at first glance. It would seem, just listen and write down. But only a native speaker, who is trained in the method of transcription or decoding, will best cope with such a task. Because, according to the intended purpose of your final document, it depends whether you need to decrypt the entire text that is on the audio or video recordings or whether some text is not needed, for example: inserted words, obscene language, various sounds (“hmm..”, “mmm..” etc).

This is confirmed with the client at the stage of setting the task.

We decrypt any types of audio message or video files:

Is your file type not listed above? Not a problem! Send us a request to and we will definitely come up with something.

You can choose transcription or decryption with or without a timecode.

Transcription/Decryption Process

The transcription process consists of 4 stages:

1. Decoding sound to text. If the volume of work is large, the material will be split into parts and divided between specialists by special software. If there are incomprehensible phrases, they are highlighted in yellow.

2. Checking, adding timecodes. The material undergoes the checking and correction. Also, if required by the client, timecodes are added at this stage.

3. Combining and 2nd checking. At the 3rd stage, all parts are combined into one and again checked for errors and typos. We do not use transcription software. All work is checked by competent professionals.

4. Final review. At the final stage, the material goes to the QA Department (quality assurance), where an assessment is given for the work based on our internal criteria and is intended for internal needs, for example, awarding a bonus or fining the translator. After that, the proofread and checked material goes to the project manager assigned to you, after which the work is sent to you by mail or delivered to the address you have specified.

Translators and transcribers are allowed to work only after passing our certification process and signing the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Our internal system tracks their performance and sorts it. Thus, if you have material on technical topics, then a person with knowledge in this area will work with it.

We are convinced that instructions are needed for successful, clear and well-coordinated work, therefore we provide our specialists with tools for efficient file decryption and a full set of instructions on this process. Transcriptions are prepared segment by segment, so the quality improves at every stage.

As of today, we have decrypted over 137,000 minutes.

Default transcription/decryption (basic)

The text of the transcript will be divided into paragraphs, the speech of each speaker begins with a new paragraph. At the request of the client, we can add or not add timecodes and names of the participants of the conversation. If the names are unknown, then the notation Speaker 1, Speaker 2, etc. is used. Conversation names will be added by default. Adding a timecode is an additional service, its cost depends on the language of transcription. Approximately from $0.2 per minute.

In order to better understand how this looks, take a look at the sample of the transcribed file below. If there is a monolog in your file, the text will be paragraphed approximately every 3 minutes.

Decrypted files by default will be almost verbatim, all utterances (for example, ‘hmmm ..’, ‘ehhh ..’, ‘ummm ..’, ‘eeee’), inserted words and interjections will be omitted. But if you need a strictly word-for-word translation, let us know and we will convert absolutely every sound and word into a text form.

You can also tell us which part of the file should be decrypted. To do this, indicate in your request the start and end times of the part of the audio or video that needs to be transcribed.

Special transcription/decryption

Special (custom) formatting is available upon request and shall be paid for separately, depending on requirements. The amount of payment depends on the complexity of the requirements and deviations from the “default” format. Please contact us and we will tell you the exact cost of the work of your order.

Decryption file format (result)

Decryption files can be provided in the following formats at option:

Microsoft Word (.docx)

Adobe PDF (.pdf)

OpenDocument Text (.odt)

Simple text (.txt)

If you did not indicate a specific type of final document, then .docx is used by default. The final document will have a cover page, a header and a footer, as well as a decrypted document.

The accent of conversation participants

If the speaker has an accent on the recording, we charge an additional fee. We have worked with British, Australian, Indian, African, Asian and various European accents. Decryption of such files takes more time, therefore, an additional fee is provided.

Files with noises

We can transcribe files recorded on a noisy background, for example, in a cafe, a crowd, etc., if the main speakers are clearly heard. If the files cannot be decrypted, we will refund the full amount. Such files may also take more time for processing, so probably an additional charge will be required. You will learn about any additional fees at the initial stage of work. No unpleasant “surprises”.

Strict word-for-word decryption

As described above, we provide decryption without expletive words, phrases, or interjections by default. We deliberately omit such moments to make your material easier to read. But if you still need a strict word-for-word decryption, which includes absolutely all sounds and expletive phrases – we also have such an option, for an additional fee.

Subtitle files

The process of creating subtitles includes transcription. Therefore, if you need a file that you plan to add to your video on Youtube, let us know and we will make a subtitle file from your transcribed material. Subtitles are usually provided in SubRip format (.srt). The accuracy of the time code (timing) is +/- 1 second. Please contact us if you need subtitles in a different format.

Additional expenses

Our pricing and deadlines are applied only to clear-sound files with clear pronunciation. Additional fee in the amount of $0.5/min. – $2/min may be applied for files with the following problems.

■ Ambient noise (e.g., hissing, linear noise, static, background music, background voices)■ Distortion (e.g., volume distortion, piercing voices, artifacts)
■ Noisy environment (such as a street, bar, restaurant, or other loud noises in the background)■ Unclear human speech (e.g., muttering, changing the volume, frequent coincidence of the speech of two or more people)
■ Poor audibility of the speaker (e.g., weak, distant voices)■ Echo (e.g., reverb, the same voice can be heard twice)
■ Accent (e.g., British, Australian, Indian, Latino)■ Quality (e.g., low sampling rate / bit rate, poor conference quality, recording from speakers)
■ Sound breaks (e.g., poor telephone connection, spaces in the audio track)■ Diction (e.g., slurred, fast speech, unnatural pronunciation)
■ Interference (e.g., loud print sounds, rustling, wind howling)■ Muted sound (e.g., hidden or closed microphone)

Order options

Thus, when transcribing your material, we provide the following options that you can specify at the time of placing the order.

Strict word-for-word-transcription: we will include all statements, for example, “Uhu”, “Umm” in the transcription. By default, we do not include such words in the final material, but if one has a great wish – then it is possible! There is an additional charge for this option.

Subtitle file: We will provide you with a subtitle file along with decryption. The subtitles will be in SRT format and can be used as a subtitle file for YouTube or other video players. There is an additional charge for this option.

Timing: A time mark will be added before each paragraph. New paragraphs begin each time the presenter is changed or every 3 minutes, whichever comes first. This helps in cross-referencing transcripts with an audio file. There is no extra charge for this option.

Speaker tracking: Before each paragraph, the name of the speaker will be added. If the names are unknown, templates will be used, for example, Speaker 1, Speaker 2, etc. The format of the speaker name can be either the initials of the speaker, or the full name, which can also be indicated. In this case, there is no additional charge.

Start/end time: This parameter allows you to specify the time marks of the beginning and/or end of transcription if you want to transcribe only part of the file.

Why choose us?

Our transcription service will save you time and money. Decryption is a time-consuming process, and we guarantee that you will get the best result.

  • Our processes are designed in such a way that even the shortest file is double-checked. More eyes and ears give better decoding.
  • We carefully check each of our transcribing specialists and constantly monitor and evaluate the quality of their work.
  • We send the result of work on time. If there is a chance of a delay, we inform you about this in advance.
  • We are consistent, predictable and accurate. You can safely plan your work with us.
  • You pay a fixed cost for transcription, which depends only on the length of the audio track, and not on the time that the decoder spent.
  • We constantly update the knowledge base with new non-standard terms, abbreviations, etc. And we guarantee that the context will be correct.
  • You can order a free review if you are not satisfied with the decryption.
  • We take privacy very seriously.