Technical Translation

Do you need a top-quality translation of technical documentation and texts?

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It is known that one of the most difficult areas of translation is the technical one. When ordering a technical translation with Workogram, you can be sure that your documentation will be translated in conformity with the European Translation Standard EN 15038.

Industries that our technical translators specialize in:

  • Engineering. Mechanics, electrical engineering, architecture, environmental engineering.
  • Building. Building materials, building systems, equipment, tools.
  • Transport. Vehicles, water transport, air transport, railway, logistics.
  • Energy. Solar, nuclear, wind, hydropower, gas, fuel.
  • Industry. Chemical, metallurgical, agricultural, mining, light, food.
  • Technologies. Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Networks, Devices, Software, Electronics.
  • Defense Industry.
  • Robotic Engineering.

Technical materials that we translate:

  • Technical manuals
  • User Guides
  • Drawings, graphs
  • Operation manuals
  • Patent documentation
  • Specifications
  • Technical plans
  • Technical passport
  • Standards
  • Quality Control Protocols
  • Scientific and technical documentation
  • Maintenance documents
  • Video instructions
  • Technical passport of the turnout switch
  • Technical literature

Translation languages: 

  • English 
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian 
  • German
  • and more than 20 languages of the world.

The main points that you need to know when ordering a technical translation

Poor technical translation can lead to various sorts of problems. Due to these, system failures, equipment damage, and even fatal accidents can occur.  When it comes to translating safety documentation or grounding instructions, it is crucial that the technical translator is fluent in both source and target languages and has in-depth knowledge of the subject and technical terminology.

Diagrams, drawings and graphs, which are also subject to translation, often appear in technical translations. The Workogram team comprises professional typesetters with higher technical education who professionally make up a technical document using special software.

At the beginning of each project, our managers agree with the client upon the glossary of terminology to unify the terms used in the documents. We use the latest translation memory tools (CAT) to perfectly translate technical documents, including diagrams, complex formatting, and drawings.

We will provide accurate technical translation in accordance with the given task. The prices for our services are very reasonable. We are located in Kyiv, Podil district, but we work online all over the world. We employ only professionals.

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