Our agency localizes IT products, documents, websites, marketing materials, etc. Workogram will help you take on the international market. You will finally receive positive feedback from your target audience. Our team of professionals provides quality services in translation and localization of any material. Not only we do translate, but we localize and adapt your material (website, game, document, mobile application) taking into consideration all the cultural characteristics of the country into the language of which the translation is being performed.

We offer the following types of translation and localization services:

  • Text content
  • Audio content
  • Video content
  • Images


In addition, we provide services on oral text localization; any words; PC software; applications on Android, etc. 

Difference between translation and localization

In fact, the difference is little. These concepts can exist separately, but only by combining them, your text will acquire a stylistic design.

Problem of non-localized text №1

Probably, you have read, listened or seen materials, texts having one thought in your head: “difficult”, “not clear”, “unreadable”. Such a feeling arises precisely when the material was translated “meagerly”, without localization and adaptation of the text. This means that the interpreter translated closely to the text but did not take into account the details and language subtleties of the subject matter and other additional, but mandatory information.

Problem of non-localized text №2

Translation of the text without taking into account the cultural features of the language of the country. The main disadvantage is that the translation is done by non-native speakers. Our agency offers the best specialists in the world: experienced translators who are native speakers.

Problem of non-localized text №3

Translation of text without regard to stylistic subtleties. After all, the materials may be of different topics. For example, our specialists in the field of finance and banking have extensive experience and a wide range of knowledge necessary to perform high-quality translation of this type of documents, according to international translation standards and accepted terminology. Translation in marketing and advertising industry also requires a competent translator to properly help companies promote their brand.

Workogram’s Solution

Every member of the Workogram team understands the difference between translation and localization. Although localization and translation themselves can exist separately, but only by combining these two aspects you will receive the text of the highest quality. That is why you need not only a professional in his field, but also a native speaker who understands the style, peculiarities of the language, knows dialects, etc. In addition, all orders pass the Quality Assurance stage before being delivered to the client. Due skilled experts and special translation software, the material is checked for any mistakes.

Localization professionalism

Your texts will come to life and will be filled with content due to your cooperation with us. You will not have to get into the details of localization, we will do everything for you. All tasks for the translation and localization of your material (mobile applications, opencart localization, game localization, site localization, software, etc.) will be performed at the highest level. Translation of content and language localization of a site is not just translation of all information into a foreign language, it is also keeping the integrity of the text content of the site, its informational and contextual components. It is important to understand that a “meager” translation of a text is of no interest to anyone. That is why Workogram performs translations by adapting texts so that the description of the company’s goods and services retains its original meaning.

In addition to the translated and adapted text, you will get new clients and partners, your target audience. We will help you localize the website and get rid of cultural barriers.

Workogram translation team

We work with both large and small volumes of texts. The most important thing you should know is that we translate and localize large amounts of work in hours, and small amounts in minutes. Localization cost depends on the number of words. Do you have questions about the cost of localizing a game? How much does it cost to localize a game into English? To learn more, follow the link https://workogram.com/tseny-2/

There are no difficult tasks for us

ICO. We translate any content at all stages of the project’s release to the ICO.

Financial reports. Communicate with shareholders and users in the same language.

Technical documents, reference books. When preparing technical documentation, it is important to maintain accuracy while translating into other languages. This determines whether a visitor or investor will use your site or application.

We also offer translation right in your CRM.

Technical localization.

Technical materials that we translate:

  •   Technical manuals
  •   User manuals
  •   Drawings, graphics
  •   Operation manuals
  •   Patent documentation
  •   Specifications, plans, passports
  •   Standards
  •   Quality control sheets
  •   Scientific and technical documentation
  •   Video instructions
  •   Technical literature


Localization of financial documents.

Workogram translates and localizes the following documents: fintech websites, financial reports, information for investors, accounting documents, business plans, audit reports, insurance policies, statutory documents.

Localization in tourism and travel industries.

We translate for the following tourism and travel industries: hotel business, air travel, cruises, bus transportation, car rental, travel agencies, accommodation booking sites. The types of content we translate are: audio, video, websites, advertisements, maps, direction signs, signage, restaurant menus, press releases, websites and apps.

Translation and localization in cryptocurrencies and blockchain industries.

With an expansive growth of the popularity of cryptocurrencies, there is a rapid rise in the number of projects in this industry. Do you want to bring your product to the global market? Let us localize your website, application or any cryptocurrency document in English, Spanish or Chinese, reaching over a billion people.

Types of content in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry that we localize:

Software. Do you have software that is being prepared to be launched on a foreign market? You will need high-quality translation of both the backend (what is hidden from the user’s eyes) and the frontend (what the user sees). We offer translation right in your CRM.

Translation of mobile applications. Do you have a cryptocurrency app for Android or iOS? Send the link and in a few minutes you will receive the cost, deadline, and quality service.


Experienced specialists of our company understand well the stylistics and terminology in the field of law, so the text will be localized as much as possible. Workogram localizes the following documents: judicial decisions, agreements/contracts, terms of use/terms and conditions, privacy policy, user agreement, general data protection regulation (GDPR), legal publications, copyrights, registration documents, licenses, certificates, claims, complaints, applications, diplomas, references, documents for a visa, passports, notarized documents, etc.

Localization in medicine.

The texts on this topic contain complex medical terminology and abbreviations.. Therefore, no matter what type of document you want to translate, you can always depend on maximum professionalism and strict adherence to standards.

We provide translation services to: clinics, veterinary institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, suppliers and importers of medical equipment, private individuals etc. We work with medical certificates, instructions, various types of reports and any other medical documentation.

Adaptation of marketing and advertising materials.

We localize the following types of content: websites, landing pages and product cards, email newsletters, instant messaging, e-mail, telegram, viber, whatsapp, press releases, branded materials and booklets, advertising campaigns, advertising in print and electronic media.

When you readdress foreign traffic to your landing page, blog, product or other online content, you should understand that 90% sales depend on the quality of the translation. But it should be borne in mind that without localization it will be a poorly translated text that will not meet your requirements. Workogram translators use the internationalization technique in their work.

Internationalization is a broader concept; therefore, it helps any material to become more complete.

Internationalization versus localization

Internationalization versus localization – creation and development of the content of a product, program or text for target markets that differ in culture, region or language. These are specific technologies for creation and development that provide an easy transition to localization in the future. Internationalization provides product localization. This is essential for entering the international market. Also, localization and globalization are becoming comprehensive concepts for the creation and development of quality content. The main goal of localization and internationalization is to adapt the content or product in such a way as to blur the cultural differences between creators and audience. The specialists of our company never forget about these inseparable concepts and use all the “tricks” of translation for the high-quality result.

Language localization in Workogram – is a high-tech translation by native speakers

Choose only reliable and experienced professionals. Get fast feedback and great completed projects. Workogram is not just a professional translation (localization) agency, it is an agency with 7 years of experience that respects its clients and always maintains a high level of relationship with them. We finish work only when the client is completely satisfied.