Translation Agency in the Heart of Kyiv — Workogram

Workogram Translation Agency  is about quality, competence and the best service. It is one of the top translation agencies in Ukraine due to 7 years of experience in this industry. We are trusted not only by Ukrainian clients, but also by the leading foreign companies! Thanks to our service of online translation, we deal with over 600 companies from all over the world.  So far, we translated more than 1.5 million words, voiced over 237 hours of video and proofread more than 300 thousand words.  

Our company is regarded as one of the best ones due to:

  • our team’s competence;
  • fast and high-quality service;
  • wide range of translation services;
  • reasonable pricing policy.

True professionals

Our translators are at the top of their game. They are experts in translation business. They will not only translate your materials (document, game, book or application), but also adapt and localize them. For this purpose, our staff includes native speakers who of all people know the ins and outs of language translation. We provide translation services into English, Spanish, Chinese and other 25 languages.

One of the best features of Workogram team is our comprehension (understanding of customer tasks and preferences) and of course their implementation. Just contact us and see for yourself. You are able to read reviews on our company, as well as to leave your own feedback on our website in the future. We look forward to our cooperation. You are the reason why we grow and develop. In return, we assist in achieving your goals: developing business, entering the international market, launching applications on Android and iOS, etc.  

Our agency is not cooperating with inexperienced translators. Most of our translators are native speakers. They specialize in various areas including medicine, law, tourism.      

Translate materials in a quick and qualitative way

We always take into account customer’s wishes: save the style and formatting of the original document and guarantee the privacy of data.   

Having received an order, our team starts to work diligently. The clarity and consistency of our actions ensures that you get the desired result. When translation is being performed, it goes through several stages of testing:

  • translation;
  • editing;
  • proofreading;
  • quality assurance (QA);
  • page making (if the source contains schemes, drawings, etc.);
  • final check. 


We value your time, so we comply with all deadlines.

The agency is available just in one click due to our online translation platform. We work around the clock. And despite the fact that the office is located on the Podil, we provide our services both all over Ukraine (Odesa, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, etc.) and worldwide (Canada, China, Belarus, etc.).

Full range of Workogram services

Certainly, our main areas of focus include translations of websites, applications, software, videos, legal documents, technical guidelines, presentations and advertising materials. We also provide services of translating and localising financial and medical documents, all aspects of tourism and travelling. We are pleased to translate texts of a highly complex but interesting topic – cryptocurrency and blockchain. The most important and up-to-date information from the industry of cryptocurrency will become easily and quickly available to citizens of any country.

Our team also provides the following services:

  • voiceover/dubbing;
  • creating subtitles;
  • transcription/decryption.


Video will never be of high quality if the audio lets it down. Full-length films or short clips, commercials or video instructions – everything requires good sound and dubbing. You can choose any voice you like on our website, taking into account accent, tone, intonation. In turn, we will pay attention to all your wishes and send you a test recording for approval.

We provide you with services of voiceover and dubbing of any video material. We can also combine them: convert your video into a text and then voice-over it. Do you wish the whole world to hear about your product? Are you creating a business card for your brand on the youtube channel? Our team of professional dubblers will be pleased to help you promote your brand.

Workogram also creates subtitles according to ESIST international standards. They are not just an essential element of video, but an integral part of the holistic perception of your message. We definitely know how to create them so that a subscriber does not lose interest in watching videos online. A ticker is helpful in perceiving audiovisual material. Creating subtitles for a film requires the following actions:

  • decryption;
  • translation;
  • creation.


High-quality subtitles are certainly the concise subtitles conveying the full meaning of the message presented in the video.

By providing transcription and decryption services, we help you save your time and money. These services are becoming more and more in demand. Workogram translation agency provides conversion of audio into electronic text.  Decryption is a time-consuming process, but we guarantee that you will get the best results. Mistakes in this process are totally unacceptable, and our transcriptors are the best in the business. They have high speed of printing, excellent hearing and, what is essential, knowledge of the language.

Transcription requires a creative approach and accuracy in translation. We will provide any audio or video information (conferences, lectures, etc.) in printed form. Choose the required type of transcription:

  • Artistic (conveying the meaning of the message with additional corrections).
  • Detailed (conveying accurate information without editing).


Your content will be adapted to reflect all the cultural knowledge and skills of our team. We guarantee that you will get a high-quality result in a relatively short period of time.

Reasonable price policy

Our translation agency offers affordable and reasonable prices. If you want to find out more information, please click on the following link ( You can also contact our office in Kyiv at any convenient time and in any convenient way for you.

By dealing with us, you will receive professional and high-quality services online without leaving your office. See for yourself!